Mata Hari


Ps van de Week – Proefwerk 7th of juli 2012

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Who was Mata Hari?

Mata Hari, real name Margaret Gertrude (Griet) Zelle, (Leeuwarden, August 7, 1876 - Vincennes, October 15, 1917) was a Dutch dancer. She was convicted of espionage by the French for high treason and executed.

Mata Hari was famous for her ability to respond to the popular taste of her time. In 1905 she had her breakthrough in Paris with her 'Oriental' dance. She continues to be world famous, although there is no footage of her performances, let alone images with sound. Only a handful of pictures remain, as well as the stories about her. The Fries Museum Leeuwarden has documentation about her.

Some consider Mata Hari as a symbol of the old Europe, whose glitz and glamour went under in the First World War, while others regard her as a wealthy, artistic prostitute.